Table Tennis NT promotes a healthy life-style and a smoke-free sporting environment and is required by NT legislation to ban smoking in all enclosed areas controlled by the Association.

Purpose of this Policy

The Smoke Free Environment Policy aims to provide a smoke free sporting and work environment for all players, officials, volunteers, workers and visitors in enclosed areas managed or leased by the association. This policy complies with the relevant NT legislation and outlines where smoking is not allowed.

To Whom this Policy Applies

This policy applies to all players, officials, volunteers, employees, and visitors to facilities managed by or leased by the Association. It also applies to any goods and service providers visiting or working in the facilities including contractors.


The NT Tobacco Control Act and Tobacco Control Regulations, in force from January 2011, prohibit smoking in public places. This also applies to all sporting facilities where smoking is banned in all indoor areas of these premises and is restricted to designated outdoor areas. Smoking in a non-smoking area is an offence and penalties apply.

Responsibilities of the Association

Table Tennis NT has a duty of care for the health and safety of players, volunteers, officials and employees and others who may be affected.

Board members, officials and employers have a responsibility to make themselves aware of this policy and to enforce it. Similarly any organization hiring or using Table Tennis NT facilities with the consent of the Association has a responsibility to be aware of this policy and to enforce it.

Penalties of up to $11,000 may apply if an offence is proven in court.

Individual Responsibilities

All Table Tennis NT employees, officials and volunteers have a responsibility to be aware of this policy, to comply with it and to enforce it. Similarly visitors to Table Tennis NT facilities have a responsibility to comply with the policy.

Offences committed by an individual which are proven in court can result in fines of up to $2,200.






Approved by Table Tennis NT Board: June 2014

Updated March 2016