Criteria for Selection

In order to be considered for selection for an NT representative team, a player must:

  1. be a registered player in the NT in the year of the tournament for which selection is taking place;
  2. be competing in either the Darwin or Alice Springs teams competition (including junior competitions);
  3. compete in the NT Open Tournament prior to selection;
  4. compete in relevant events in either or both of the Darwin Closed and Alice Springs Open Tournaments.

In exceptional circumstances (eg illness), the Selection Panel may waive requirements 3 or 4, but not both.

All selected players are required to sign and abide by the “TTNT Representative Athlete Agreement” and to attend the relevant squad training sessions..

Selection Panel


The TTNT Selection Panel for Junior, Senior and Veterans events will consist of at least 3 people, including:

  • The TTNT Director of Coaching
  • One or Two Board nominated selectors
  • The TTNT High Performance Coordinator (if different from the Director of Coaching)

The Selection Panel Chair will be appointed by the TTNT Board.


The functions of the Selection Panel are to:

  • Select NT representative squads/teams in accordance with the criteria for selection or otherwise at the instruction of the Board;
  • Select coach/s and team manager for representative teams;
  • Determine seedings;
  • Determine the annual rankings lists for Junior age groups, Seniors and Veterans age groups;


The Selection panel has been delegated responsibility for selecting NT representative squads/teams and coaches and team manager. These require ratification by the Board prior to becoming official. If a particular panel member has a conflict of interest as a player or a parent in relation to a particular selection then that panel member will stand aside for that selection.


A majority of votes will decide selection with each selector having one deliberative vote.


Selectors have a responsibility to act in a fair, equitable and confidential manner. A selector shall not provide advice of any sort relating to selection matters at events that are considered for selection purposes. Selectors shall not announce any team or squad selections to any person prior to the selections being ratified by the TTNT Board.


The Selection Panel, in making selection recommendations, should take into account:

  • Current playing level as evidenced by performance in relevant competitions and in tournaments;
  • Training regime and environment;
  • Physical ability (athleticism, fitness, hand-eye coordination, etc);
  • Attitude and conduct;
  • Mental preparedness;
  • Potential for success at national level;
  • The player must be a registered member.


Selection for the NT Junior Squad should take place at least 6 months prior to the Australian Junior Championships, and preferably by 31 December in the preceding year. The selection panel should send a letter to the parents of children short-listed for selection, explaining the process for NT Junior Squad selection and training, advising that their child has been shortlisted and asking if he/she is able to participate in weekly junior squad training and to travel with the NT Junior Team to participate in the Australian junior Championships, should he/she be selected.

The composition of the NT Junior Squad should be reviewed by 30 June each year.


The TTNT Board will establish an appeals panel chaired by an independent board director or a suitable person independent of Table Tennis to consider any appeals. The only criteria for a successful appeal is that the decision of the selection panel did not adhere to the selection criteria or was manifestly unreasonable.

Approved by the TTNT Board: June 2014

Updated March 2016

October 2018