Table Tennis is an ideal sport for Territory children as it:

  • is the 6th highest participation sport worlwide;
  • can be played all-year round as it is indoors - out of the sun and the rain;
  • is a non-contact sport with a negligible injury rate;
  • is an excellent sport for developing hand-eye skills;
  • can be enjoyed at any level - beginner/social to elite athlete;
  • is a sport-for-life.

TTNT provides a number of programs for juniors, generally in partnership with local clubs.


This is a national program for beginners delivered locally.

A 1 hr/week, 8 week program equips children with the basic skills to play table tennis and provides a bat and bat cover, balls and a Spinneroos T shirt for $120. You can find when and where the next program will be run by going to the Spinneroos website:

Registration and payment is processed easily online. Sports Vouchers are accepted.

Sporting Schools

Table tennis is available through the Sporting Schools program in primary schools.

Junior Coaching & Competition

There is a junior program for <13 yrs on Monday afternoons 5.30-7pm during school term at Marrara Multipurpose Stadium on Abala Rd, Darwin. 

Children can join a juniors-only program for their age-group, and those who wish to develop their skills further can access coaching.

Juniors with more developed skills and keen to play competitively are welcome to join the main pennant competition, which has A, B & C grades.

NT Junior Squad

Each December, juniors who have the potential to represent the NT are selected to join the NT Junior Squad. The Squad receives free coaching at Marrara multipurpose Stadium from 9-11am on Saturday mornings during school term. See:

Juniors are selected from this squad each year to represent the NT at the Australian Junior Championships which includes age events for <11 years, <13 years, <15 years, and <17 years for both boys and girls. TTNT subsidises NT team travel to the event.

TTNT also selects promising <11 yrs juniors each year to attend the Hopes Challenge, which is a week of coaching culminating in a tournament.